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Across the globe, the surge in both the frequency and scale of disaster events has led to a growing toll on lives. The absence of an efficient emergency notification system has resulted in:

Untimely alerts,
Unreliable information, and
Inability to reach all ‘At-Risk’ populations.

Join us in transforming this reality and deploying UPSEN worldwide. Your involvement can make a difference.

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UPSEN: Advancing Mobile Industry Through Innovation

UPSEN spearheads global mobile industry progress, driving innovation, connectivity, and technological advancements for a seamless and dynamic future worldwide.

National Regulatory Mandates

Government-set rules ensuring compliance with national standards and laws, shaping regulatory frameworks across various industries and sectors.

Cell Broadcast Introduction

Cell Broadcast: Mobile technology for instant, location-based mass notifications, revolutionizing communication and public alerts for enhanced information dissemination.

CB Mass Messaging beyond Emergency Notifications

Cell Broadcast goes beyond emergencies, enabling powerful mass messaging for diverse communication needs, from public announcements to targeted information dissemination.

Common Alerting Protocol Introduction

Common Alerting Protocol (CAP): Standardizing emergency information for effective communication, ensuring interoperability and rapid dissemination of critical alerts across systems.

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