Training And Consulting

Training and consulting

UPSEN: Advancing Mobile Industry Through Innovation

UPSEN spearheads global mobile industry progress, driving innovation, connectivity, and technological advancements for a seamless and dynamic future worldwide.


The rapid and successful deployment of UPSEN, requires partnerships and collaboration with knowledgeable skilled relationship builders with access to decision makers within one or more of the UPSEN stakeholders.

Global Alerts’ registered Consultants will receive negotiated compensation for successfully arranging UPSEN membership of MNOs, CB vendors and Nations.

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The world is united in identifying threats to our society and communities

Cell Broadcast

Cell Broadcast: Swift Emergency Communication Solution

CB messaging functionality is a standard in all generations of personal telecommunications and is an operating feature resident in all mobile handset devices.


Cell broadcast is a vital feature integrated into modern telecommunication systems, revolutionizing the dissemination of urgent information to large populations. Unlike traditional point-to-point messaging, cell broadcast allows mobile network operators to transmit messages simultaneously to all devices within a specific geographical area, ensuring rapid and efficient delivery of critical alerts, such as natural disasters, public safety announcements, or Amber alerts. This technology utilizes dedicated channels within cellular networks, enabling authorities to reach millions of individuals swiftly, enhancing public safety and emergency response capabilities. With its ability to reach diverse demographics regardless of language or communication preferences, cell broadcast stands as a cornerstone in modern emergency communication strategies, fostering resilience and community awareness in times of crisis.


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Become a Member: Joining Forces for a Sustainable Tomorrow with UPSEN ONE WORLD


Empowerment, sustainability, community—UPSEN training builds leaders for positive global impact.

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Emergency Notifications

Common Alerting Protocol (CAP) And CB Mass Messaging

CB Mass Messaging beyond Emergency Notifications

CB Mass Messaging goes beyond emergency alerts, serving as a versatile tool for efficient information dissemination in various scenarios. With real-time capabilities, it empowers organizations to enhance engagement, connectivity, and community building.

Common Alerting Protocol

The Common Alerting Protocol (CAP) is a universal standard facilitating seamless emergency communication. It ensures interoperability across alerting systems, standardizing formats for timely, accurate, and accessible alerts during crises.All’ by providing a consistent framework for effective public safety communication.

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